About Us

We are a startup company in Fairfield, Iowa. The company name Saaravida can be translated as ‘Essence of Life’.

A few years ago, the idea of Saaravida started to develop. Our founding members are PhD research scientists and have been involved in food testing for more than 15 years. Friends and family were asking which brand can be trusted and which products to buy? These questions planted the seed for the idea to create products which do not include harmful ingredients and which are not produced with questionable food processing procedures. The idea was born to create a brand, which can be trusted by bringing transparency and rising awareness about the food you eat. Saaravida stands for a deep sense of responsibility and commitment for the society as a whole. The management of Saaravida is guided by this simple principle. We stand for fair distribution of wealth along the entire supply chain and we ensure this through our team-based decision making.

All of us found each other united in this team to fulfill the following five key aspirations:

  1. Our first and foremost priority is the health and well-being of our customers.
  2. We carefully source ingredients. This includes the use of ingredients from reputed companies with a similar mission as ours. For example, instead of flavors and extracts we use herbs and spices
  3. We continually research the quality inherent in foodstuffs and ingredients. Currently our focus is the properties of heirloom versus hybrid varieties of grains with the intention to improve our products
  4. We bring awareness about traditional ways of food preparation such as fermentation and providelinks to literature and scientific publications in this website and social media. This includes information for you how to ferment so you can enjoy the benefits of fermentation at home
  5. Our team operates with a sense of responsibility and commitment for the society as a whole. A vision for the future of society must include raising the awareness of for the society and environment as a whole from the very beginning. Therefore we support organizations with this vision with 10% of ourprofits

Our first product was launched in January 2017: Lunch Crunch is a snack with cultured grains (with probiotics) and is gently dehydrated. It comes in three different varieties (Buy Lunch Crunch online). This product reflects the tradition of the past in a convenient pocket format.