Lunch Crunch looks like granola. Why don’t you call it granola?

Granola is usually associated with a very sweet combination of oats and other grains with different flavors. We want to clearly distinguish ourselves from the granola products. Our fermented crunchy snack is not as sweet as the common granola and we also have savory varieties. Furthermore, we only use one grain at a time (see answer to questions below), either red rice flakes, or cornmeal (polenta).

Is Lunch Crunch supposed to be eaten with milk or something else?

You can enjoy Lunch Crunch just by itself or make some fancy creations. Let us know about your ideas and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Why do you only use one grain per snack?

It takes energy for the body to digest food. Especially grains, seeds and legumes take longer to be digested and to get the full nutritional value from them. According to Ayurvedic principles, the mixing of several grains makes it even harder for the body to digest the grains. Especially for people with diabetics, it is not advisable to eat multi-grain products. That is why in our Saaravida products, you will only find one grain, which is ‘predigested’ by a bacteria culture, so that you get the maximum nutritional benefits from it.

What is the difference between sprouting, probiotics and fermentation?

The process of sprouting involves that seeds or whole grains are soaked in water for a period of time until they start to ‘sprout’ or crack the shell through the natural process.

Processed foods that claim to have probiotics have added these live bacteria cultures after the food is processed. The bacteria helps with the digestion in the gut, however the food has not been ‘predigested’ by the bacteria.

For the fermentation process (or culturing with probiotics), the live bacteria is predigesting the grain for some time. If the food is not heated excessively after fermentation, the live bacteria survives and additionally helps in the process of digestion. See the Awareness section for more detailed information on fermentation.

Is the snack raw?

Lunch Crunch is not raw. However, it is gently dehydrated at a comparatively low temperature.

I don’t want to eat sugar. Is there a sugar free snack?

The only sugar free product is the Mexican Crunch.

You are not certified by USDA. What kind of ingredients do you use?

We are working on our USDA certification. The ingredients we use are all certified organic and indicated on the product label (see ingredients).